Viton™ Sheet Gasket Material

Hunter Expansion Joints LLC is a licensed, certified supplier
of Chemours Viton™ gasket sheet material. In addition to our expansion joint line of Viton™ fabric expansion joints, we also supply stocked rolls of Viton™ sheet gasketing material including Commercial Grade Viton™ A, Viton™ B, Viton™ F and other Custom and Mil Spec Viton™ gasket material. In the toughest of environments, amid high temperatures and harsh chemicals, Viton™ fluoroelastomers (FKM) provide peak performance and resistance.


  • Excellent heat resistance to 400 F
  • Excellent chemical resistance to aggressive chemicals, acids, oils, sulfur, and fuels
  • Multiple types of Viton™ for multiple budgets and applications
  • Chemours Viton™ brand compliant and certified material supply
  • FDA approved sheeting

Viton™ Material Types:

  • Viton™- A Type, Commercial Grade
  • Viton™ B Type – 68% Fluorine
  • Viton™ F Type – 70% Fluorine
  • Mil Spec Viton
  • Viton™ GF
  • White FDA Viton™


  • Variety of thicknesses 1/16” to 1⁄4” and widths up to 60” (1500mm)
  • Various Durometers
  • Homogeneous or Fabric reinforced
  • Smooth or fabric Finishes
  • Basic Physicals & Short Test Reports
  • Mil Specification materials available
  • Colors: black (standard), brown, white, & other colors available
  • Full Traceability on specification grades