Fabric Belt & U Flanged

Fabric Expansion Joints are divided into 2 basic design categories: Flat Belt Style and Flanged or U-Style. Hunter can supply Fabric elements only (with or without pillows) or we can supply Complete Shop Assembled Expansion Joints with all Steelwork and Shipping Bars included. Knocked down component supply is also available.


  • Industry work horses for most basic ductwork systems.
  • Low cost, easy to install, and easy to transport.
  • Negligible, almost zero, ductwork spring back forces.
  • Will comfortably handle large movements in all directions.

Fabric Material Types:

  • Elastomers – EPDM, Neoprene, Butyl, Etc. – to 300 F
  • FDA White EPDM or White Neoprene Rubber – to 300 F
  • Fluoroelastomers – VitonTM and Silicone – to 400 F
  • Teflon – Single Layers, Composites – to 600 F
  • Composite or Multi-Layer – to 1200 F & 1500 F +
  • Insulation or Cavity Insulation Pillows, Tabbed or Standard
  • Fiberglass, Ceramic, Silica, Stainless or Inconel Wire Mesh

Steelwork Accessories:

  • Clamping Bars – aka – Back Up Bars, Retaining Rings – CS or SS
  • Mounting Frames or Angles – Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy
  • Flow Liners or Baffles – Regular or AR Steel, Tapered, Telescoping
  • Shipping Bars & Extra Mating Flanges
  • Shop Assembly for One Piece Installs

Capabilities & Highlights:

  • Replace or cover old metal joints that no longer handle high movements.
  • Designs confirming to FSA guidelines and standards.
  • Resist corrosion with broad selection of fabric materials.
  • Use for general equipment isolation and vibration isolation.
  • Replace old flex elements only, field splice kits, field splice irons.
  • We replace for any OEM and we offer outage RUSH shipments.

Typical Movement Capability Chart: