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Hunter Expansion Joints, LLC applies 42+ years of experience in the design and manufacture of Expansion Joints to deliver cost saving solutions for a diverse spectrum of industries, applications and process equipment.   Our broad expansion joint knowledge provides customers:

  • The Lowest Installed Costs
  • The Highest Quality
  • The Very Best in Customer Service

Our primary focus is superior, long lasting products for piping and ducting systems as follows.

Ductwork or Ducting Bellows, Fabric Bellows or Metal Bellows Expansion Joints:

  • Pressures Typically less than 5 psig and High Temperatures to 1500 F+
  • 1’0” Sizes to 16’0”+ Sizes, Round or Rectangular (Any Length & Anything Shippable)
  • Handling Clean or Dirty Air Streams, Gas Streams, or Flue Gas Streams
  • Elastomers, Fluoroelastomers, Viton, Teflon, Silicone, Composite, Multi-Layer
  • Steel Assembled or Knocked Down, Flow Liners, Clamping Bars, Mounting Frames
  • Insulation Pillows, Refractory Designs, Wire Mesh Encasements, Ceramic and Fiberglass
  • Field Splicing Kits, Field Splicing Services, Installation Help, Field Support

Piping, Pipework or Pipe Expansion Joints:

  • Pressures Typically to 300 psig and High Temperatures to 1500 F+
  • 2” Diameter to 120”+ Diameter
  • Handling Fluids, Liquids, Condensates, Waters, Solutions, Steam, Air, Gas or Flue Gas Streams
  • Elastomers, Fluoroelastomers, Viton, Neoprene, EPDM, Butyl, Teflon, Teflon Lined
  • Retaining Rings, Flow Liners, Mating Flanges, Control, Limit, or Tie Rods
  • Hydrostatic Testing, Weld Testing, Material Certifications, ASME


  • Products Include Butterfly or Wafer, Louver or Double Louver, Guillotine, Knife Gate or Slide Gate, Stack Cap, Tee Diverter, Diverter, Zero Leak, Actuators, Shop or Field Mounted.
  • Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Custom Alloy, Refractory High Temperature, Virtually Any Size Small, Medium or Large Ductwork

Viton™ Sheet Gasket Material:

  • Commercial Grade, 75 Durometer, Viton™ Fluoroelastomer
  • 1/16” Thick to 1/4” Thick, 36” and 48” Wide Roll
  • Temperatures -20 F to 400 F, 66% Minimum Fluorine

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