Metal Fabricated

Metal “Fabricated“ style Expansion Joints are provided in 3 basic designs profiles – Doghouse, Circular, or Sawtooth. Metal joints are also provided with flow liners and cavity insulation for bellows protection.

Corner designs include – 90 degree, 45 degree Mitered, Camera, or Rounded, see below graphic.


  • Very, very long service life (decades) when properly applied.
  • Ideal where thermal movements are only axial and very small.Simple design, easy to install, relatively low costs.
  • All welded units provide for zero leakage applications.
  • Available in Stainless Steel, Alloy or Carbon Steel

Metal Material Types:

  • Carbon Steel to 700 F
  • Corten Steel to 800 F+
  • Stainless Steel – 304SS, 316SS to 1000 F +
  • Custom Alloys upon request and design review
  • Fiberglass or Ceramic profile convolution packing insulation


  • Flow Liners or Baffles – Tapered, Single or Double Break, Telescoping
  • Shipping Bars & Extra Mating Flanges
  • Knocked Down Sections or Shipped all one Piece (if shippable)


  • Replace Fabric joints where not lasting very long and little movement.
  • Use when gas stream contains harsh vapors or steam or other
  • wet aerosols or condensibles that will damage fabric.
  • Temperatures to 1200 F + and pressures to 85”+ wg, +/- 3 psig.
  • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel or Custom Alloy
  • Replacements for any OEM.

Corner Design Options

Metal Fab image