Rubber Pipe Molded

Hunter’s lines of rubber molded pipe expansion joints provide
very low cost, affordable thermal growth solutions for small to medium
size diameter piping systems. They protect your equipment against
high stress, shock and vibration, while providing low maintenance,
long life, and reliability. Designs offered include:

  • Spherical Rubber Molded w/ Floating Flanges
  • Rubber Flanged Spool Arched Joints
  • Single, Double, Triple Arch Designs
  • Eccentric or Concentric Joints
  • Molded Sleeve Connectors
  • Wide Arch and Custom Arch Molded Designs


  • Relieve piping system strain due to thermal change, load stress,
    pumping surges, wear, or settling
  • Reduce mechanical noise
  • Compensate for misalignment
  • Reduce thermal energy and shock
  • Absorb critical piping system movements


  • Elastomers – Neoprene, ChloroButyl, EPDM, Hypalon,
  • Gum Natural Rubber, Nitrile Buna N
  • Fluoroelastomer – Viton™
  • Rubbers lined with corrosion resistant Teflon available

Steel Accessories:

  • Retaining Rings or Clamp Rings
  • Limit Rods, Control or Tie Rod Sets
  • Flow Liners – L-Shaped or Top Hat, Tapered


  • Use with higher pipe application pressures carrying fluid, solutions, or gas
  • Use with pipe diameters from 2” diameter to 132” diameter plus
  • Designs conforming to Fluid Sealing Association Standards
  • Designs to US Navy Standards Mil-F-20042C Drilling & ASTM F1123-87 & prior Mil-E-15330D