Metal Bellows Formed

Metal Bellows “Formed“ style Expansion Joints are often a very cost effective alternative for piping or ductwork systems that carry fluid, steam or other harsh gases or chemicals. Compared to Fabric or Metal Fabricated joints they are often used where pressures are much higher From 5 psig to 300 psig. There are 5 basic designs available:

  • Single Bellows
  • Double or Universal Bellows
  • Hinged Bellows
  • Gimbal Bellows
  • Pressure Balanced Bellows


  • Very, very long service life (decades) when properly applied.
  • Ideal where thermal movements are only axial and very small.
  • Simple designs, easy to install, relatively low costs.
  • All welded units provide for zero leakage applications.
  • Available in Stainless Steel, Alloy, or Carbon Steel

Bellows Material Types:

  • Stainless Steel – 321SS, 304SS, 316SS, Inconel, Hastelloy
  • Custom Alloys upon request and design review
  • Kaowool, Fiberglass or Ceramic convolution packing insulation

Steel Accessories:

  • CS or SS End Flanges or Flat Weld Ends
  • Flow Liners or Baffles – Tapered, Single or Double Break, Telescoping
  • Shipping Bars & Extra Mating Flanges
  • Control or Tie Rods


  • Designs conform to EJMA standards & ASME Design Available Also
  • Hydrostatic Testing, Weld Testing, Material Test Reports Available
  • Used with higher pressures and when gas or air flow contains harsh vapors such as steam or other saturating chemicals.
  • Used for rugged and longer service life compared to fabrics or rubber.
  • Generally not used with lower pressures and when gas or air flow is dry.
  • Generally not used if thermal movements are really high.