As a complement to our ductwork expansion joint line, Hunter Expansion joints provides a full line of industrial ductwork Damper products. We offer the following varieties:

  • Butterfly or Wafer Dampers
  • Louver or Double Louver Dampers
  • Guillotine, Knife, or Slide Gate Dampers ➢ Stack Cap Dampers
  • Diverter or Tee Dampers
  • Radial Inlet Vane Dampers
  • Poppet Dampers


  • Equipment isolation control for maintenance or replacement
  • Process flow control, on/off or modulating flow control
  • Gas or air flow diversion, splitting, diluting, or combining
  • Optimize process draft control
  • Optimize System Fan Control

Damper Material Types:

  • Stainless Steel for corrosive or higher temperature applications
  • Custom Alloy for custom applications
  • Refractory Lined for high temperatures
  • Carbon Steel for most applications


  • Manual Hand Wheels, Gear Boxes, Lever Arms
  • Electric or Pneumatic Actuators, Limit Switches
  • Swing Through, Metal Step or Tadpole Gasket Seals
  • Perimeter frame jamb or spring seals
  • Zero Leak Purge blower packages

Capabilities & Highlights:

  • Round or Rectangular from 1’0 in size to 16’0” or any size shippable.
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Grades or Lighter Duty Industrial Grades
  • Standard Paint or Custom Paint
  • Shop mounted and tested actuator packages or field mounted
  • AWS weld inspections and certifications available upon request.